[BS/RBS list] Embroidering "Or" - In memory of Ori Hy"d

Judy Clark judy.a.clark at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 18:03:03 EST 2019

Hi Friends
If anyone would like to join this very special project ( details below),
I'll be collecting finished squares in Bet Shemesh until next Thursday.
Further details can be found here:
קישור לתשובות על כל השאלות
(Batsheva Sadan, who is organizing this project, is the daughter of Rav Eli
and Dina Horowitz, of Kiryat Arba, who were both murdered in a terror
attack in 2003)

Embroidering "Or" - In memory of Ori Hy"d

Women around the world can identify with the pain of Ori's loss and need to
scream out that pain. We stand with the Ansbacher family and we will all do
our part by embroidering one square, which will form - when sewn together -
a patchwork of all our lives, hopes, dreams and fears and terrible sorrow
at Ori's loss. The resulting material will be a symbol of women's unity and
a witness to their shared pain.
We will consult with the family as to its use - either a wedding canopy or
a covering for the Holy Ark in the synagogue.
May we all have no more sorrow and a speedy Redemption.
1. Choose a fabric. It can be an item of clothing, a scarf or any
meaningful piece of fabric, or simply plain fabric without meaning.
2. Cut out a square that's 15x15 cm.
3. Draw inside it a square that's 10x10 cm so that there will remain a
margin of 2.5 cm on each side.
4. Use a basting stitch on the outline of the inner square just to know
where the boundary is.
5. Inside the square embroider whatever you desire to put there.
6. Before you send your squares, take a picture of them and fill the form
קישור למילוי טופס עם שליחת הרקמה
Or write a few words about yourself and the embroidery, for the family.
Please email the picture to Rokmimor at gmail.com
7. Update me and I'll let you know who is the coordinator in your area and
that way everything can be sent.
8. I would very much like that we manage to put together a significant
group by the end of the week so that we could have a chupah ready by the
end of the shloshim. I would be happy if we can start collecting
embroidered squares by next Sunday.
Good luck!
Batsheva 0523003766

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