[BS/RBS list] Real Estate investment opportunity In USA and Israel

Gavriel Weinberg gavrielweinberg at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 05:03:22 EST 2019

GFN 4/10

There are a number of opportunity for investors, both in Israel and in the USA.
There are opportunities for new office buildings in Kfar Saba and in Rechovot. Investment values range in the 200-250,000 Nis range for an estimated 7 percent return.
In the USA, there are many opportunities depending upon the level of investment.
Here are some examples:
For only 5 thousand one can enter into a company that spreads its investment into 3-5 multi family projects in strong cities like Chicago. A three year commitment will yield about 10 to 12 percent return.Tomorrow between 10-12 in the morning there will be a free presentation in the company office in Petah Tikva. More information upon request.
In New Haven, Connecticut, there is a very lucrative investment opportunity involving the purchase and renovation of 10 individual homes that have section 8 standing . The 12% return investment  has a special factor: the initiation $100,000 equity is returned within 2 years or less, and you have the opportunity to use the money for the next project. More info by email or at 
Gavriel Weinberg Hagefen Realty and investments0546393924

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