[BS/RBS list] Great news! Anat is back!

ירוחם אסטריכר yeru1978 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 11:59:25 EST 2019

After a long stay up north, Anat is back in Beit Shemesh, and waiting for
the surgery on her hand.

Right now, she desperately needs our financial support to help her survive
with her daily struggles, and not less important - to give her the feeling
that she's dear to us and we care about her!

Hopefully, if the weather will allow, she will be sitting next to Shuk
Mehadrin, if you see her sitting, your smile and your attention is her
oxygen, not less than your donation.

If she does have to stay home due to the weather conditions, once again,
she wont be able to get our donations in the center.As always, DONATIONS
can be made in the following ways:

1. Transfers to the Anat Nagar ben Shabbat Bank Account at Bank HaDoar (the
Postal Bank), Branch #001, Account #3154052

2. At the Gelt Center money-changers whose office is opposite the Klalit
Health Fund offices in the RBS-Alef shopping center.

With best wishes to all,

Yeruham Estreicher [054-4882116]

ירוחם אסטריכר
נייד: 0544882116

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