[BS/RBS list] Book Gemach- Three Principles of Innate Health

Mayer Parker mparker7629 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 09:48:40 EST 2019

For those interested in the Three Principles of Innate Health: Mind,
Consciousness and Thought  (originated by Sydney Banks),  I have several
books to lend.  The books may be borrowed for 2 weeks (and renewed by phone
or email if not on waiting list)  for a refundable 75NIS deposit..  I live
at Nachal Nachshon 6/1 entrance level.

The books in the gemach currently:

(2 copies) The Missing Link- Sydney Banks
The Enlightened Gardener- Sydney Banks
The Enlightened Gardener Revisited-Sidney Banks
Second Chance- Sydney Banks
The Path to Contentment- Elsie Spittle
Somebody Should Have Told Us! (Simple Truths for Living Well)-Jack Pransky

Please call or email : 02-654-1526/054-8485188

Fayge Parker

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