[BS/RBS list] Mitzvah of Hachnasat Kallah

Devorie Abramoff dyabramoff at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 06:31:44 EST 2019

Dear Friends,
I am involved in making a wedding for a kallah in Bet Shemesh who does not
have any family support or financial means.  I am looking for donations to
put together the wedding and set up an apartment for the young couple.
Anyone who can provide any help or suggestions is welcome.  We have sought
out local organizations as well as organizations in Yerushalayim that may
be able to offer us help but it's not enough.  Whatever donations you can
make would be greatly appreciated.

Tizku Lemitzvos!

Below are the details of how you can send donations:

*For Israeli tax receipts*

1) Credit Card Payments: here is a link for hachnasas kallah for Nechama
We have set up a special Keren for her - # 590
לתרומה מאובטחת באשראי לחץ כאן

2) Write a cheque to the kuppa shel tzedakah.  Contact Devorah Kravitz
0548415174, devorahkravitz at gmail.com to receive a mailing address or
delivery point addresses.

3) Bank Transfer:
Bank pagi-52 branch 179 account # 547611
When making the deposit put a name and address. IMPORTANT: Contact Devorah
Kravitz 0548415174, devorahkravitz at gmail.com when the transfer was made to
make sure the money gets assigned to the correct fund - keren #590

*If you would like an American Tax Receipt:*

4) Use this link:

May we all be zoche to participate in many more simchos and mitzvos.

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