[BS/RBS list] Urgent tehillim needed for young mother

Pircha Soloveichik pcsolo at shemesh.co.il
Wed Feb 13 05:46:54 EST 2019

A mother of three young children was hit this morning while crossing a
street (in the north) and is in need of Tefillot. (Her cousin who
lives in Bet Shemesh asked me to post this)

Please click on the link to join the Tehillim effort:
https://new.tehilimyahad.com/mr.jsp?r=0lH6nL9eoww for the Refuah for
Iran bat Leah  אירן בת לאה. Please add to your Tehillim lists.

Send the link via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. and share this
campaign with your family and friends.

Besorot Tovot
Pircha Soloveichik


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