[BS/RBS list] Used Pergola/Succah for Sale

adshif adshif at 013.net
Mon Feb 11 04:51:30 EST 2019

Solid timber pergola/succah for sale.

(One structure serves as both a pergola all year round as well as a succah).

~4.45m x 2.9m with removable slats for roof.

The two columns are short, starting from the coping of the parapet wall of
the mirpesset.

Painted cream color with Flood paint.

Good condition.

Only 500 shekels to anyone who wants to dismantle and take possession. 


To see pictures: 

1. Go to: http://www.visions-israel.com  . 

2. Select the CLIENTS tab. 

3. For Gallery ID, enter: pergola2go .


Phone 054-8102023 / 9999-629 if interested.

Yosef Symonds RBSA resident and Shemeshphone advertiser (p253)

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