[BS/RBS list] Exhibit of new archeology finds in the iriyah building

Buckman Family family at thebuckmans.com
Sun Feb 10 23:46:24 EST 2019

I did not get any responses to my query about the exhibit in the entrance to the iriyah building, so I just went there myself with a friend to see what there is.  It’s interesting and IMHO worth seeing, and will take no more than ten minutes of your time.  It’s very small, just a few cases and a few plaques with (well-written and interesting) information in both Hebrew and English.  A tiny hint of the artifacts that were found and the information that was discovered at the site.  (I assume and hope that an extensive exhibit of everything will be displayed for the public somewhere, sometime!)  Open all hours that the iriyah is open, no charge.  Just walk in, pass the security guard (say hello!), and walk to the back of the entrance area.

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