[BS/RBS list] Lice Removal Naturally

Bethia Rubinstein bethiaruby at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 12:54:00 EST 2019


I'm Bethia and I remove head lice in children and adults alike.

If you're looking for stress free,
natural lice removal in the comfort of your own home, then give me a call!

During the treatment,  your child can choose from a selection of toys that
I bring with me in order to keep her/him occupied and entertained in a calm
atmosphere, essential in efficient lice removal!

Dreading the Lice lady is "a thing of the past!"

Yours naturally,

Bethia Rubinstein
Cell: 0504-910-614
e mail: bethiaruby at gmail.com
'A clean head for a clear mind'

More satisfied customers!

“Bethia comes fast and timely giving service in your own home. Takes the
headache away from you and smiles the whole way through!"

Ramat Bet Shemesh

"Bethia was amazing . So patient and even came erev Shabbat . She was so
nice to the kids and made it an easy and no biggie experience . Love her
and would highly recommend her !!!"

Ofelia- Ramat Bet Shemesh

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