[BS/RBS list] NEW..Walk for health..walking group in RBS

Melanie Josman josman.mj at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 12:30:08 EST 2019

Start your week on a healthy note !
Meet your friends on a Sunday morning for an hour of exercise.
Each session will include a health tip for the week, exercises, stretches
and walking.
Suitable for all levels of fitness.
Bring your Nordic walking poles,*walking aids*, or just simply bring
Don't forget to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a water bottle.

When : Sunday 9:00
Where : Matnas Gvanim,Nachal Dolev16 RBSA
Cost: 20 NIS per session (payable on a monthly basis)
Men and women welcome
Please register via email.
All queries can be directed to Melanie via email

Melanie Josman
physiotherapy.doublebounce at gmail.com

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