[BS/RBS list] Perfect Time for a Massage

Alan and Ruth Schwartz alanruthschwartz at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 11:21:03 EST 2019

Are you making a bar/bat mitzva?
Maybe you're making a wedding?
Maybe you just gave birth, or moved?.

I just moved, and what I found was I was having so many nights or days that
got busy.... and come 4 pm I noticed I didn't eat right.... and, come 11:30
pm and I noticed I was nowhere near bed time!.

After a week of so of this, my body said to me, "Enough is enough!"
My back was hurting, my neck was tight, and my legs had had enough.

I wanted it to be different!

So I booked a massage, went to sleep early, did a hour of stretching!!

So many times in life we get very busy with something - a school year
starting or ending, a simcha, an in-law visiting - that we forget to do the
most important thing:

Take care of our body so we can keep on going happily!

If you are feeling the same, then take a moment - right now - and do the

The massages I offer do just that. They relax the body, allow the blood to
flow again, and take care of those aches and pains from the every day wear
and tear!

Waiting to hear from you!
Rachel Katz
(A small Beit Shemesh business)

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