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The Eisenbergs debiisac at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 08:53:13 EST 2019

Isaac's handcrafted meats freshly sliced thin & vacuum packed in boilable, microwavable 200 gram packages.
Corned Beef, Pastrami, Pastrami Premium 2nd cut, Roast or Smoked Brisket 50 nis. per 200 grams pack
Pickled Tongue, 60 nis. per 200 grams pack
Moist Turkey Breast - Roast or Smoked 40 nis. per 200 grams pack
FLAVORS THIS WEEK! Teryaki/Spicy, Lemon Pepper, Sino Steak, Honey Mustard 20 nis. Snack Pack, 3 for 50 nis.
SALADS/SIDES - 20 nis. 1/2 litre, 40 nis. 1 liter
Cole Slaw 
Potato salad
Cucumber salad
Mustard/dill Cucumber Salad
Macaroni salad
Kasha W Bowties
MEAT SIDES - 25 nis. 1/2 liter & 45 nis. 1 liter
Pastrami fried rice
Pastrami fried cabbage & noodles
Cholent with Kishke
Deli/Sandwich Platters w Mustard/Dressing 50 nis. per person
Platters with Salads, Bread/Rolls, 60 nis. per person
Super Munchy Pastrami Rugalech - Made to order for your event, 5 nis. each ( Minimum 50 pcs. )
Cholent For your Kiddush and Smachot in your home or Shul.
FREE DELIVERY DAILY in Bet Shemesh/ RBS & RBSG for orders over 100 nis.
Under Hashgacha of Taam Kosher, Rav Don Channen
WhatsApp OR CALL!! 0522-55-99-39 or 058-599-2912
https://www.facebook.com/59WestDeli [https://www.facebook.com/59WestDeli?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAEqiYFEPMOtOoMT9bBRrHVXT0NKyLAxg-khQqCgGrbsk1eBIg-0kV45kDqH5Dahy4xT4PomX3ub3UDl5mzELRaB_5ZPV1Y1lfhgpctYhP8peJbbJNlFWKhqtiHOpvxe2bcbduk-k1GvWvhchSswaQB6pWt9Wqn8PNChiQtRSZoCUwmy5Dh4EvkMlk-FsMQT_32cTNtwcxHlldlgsjtMZG1duk-ywQOta1ATJ1-Rtdm_5Fm4Qdtq7C6PgbFxUx77TyEyZ_kM18MtyHtkJEo3QZZO7GUik32nyMt7TirNnSyJTG8vf_VQT91UneJfcGKmnWgS6PTcsL1TbqSccYLYYJa&__tn__=-UK-R]

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