[BS/RBS list] Re Dudayim and other segulot

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The Torah tells us about Reuven the son of Yaakov Avinu and Leah concerning the incident with the dudayim in the parsha.
Dudayim are mandrakes, a plant which grows wild not far from Beit Shemesh. Those who know what to do, find them useful in preparing the roots for use for infertility.
Yehudit, the lady who removes ayin hara is known to use this method. She has many segulot which have helped others.
She speaks many languages.
Call her at: 054 8462226
Details in ShemeshPhone at Ayin Hara Removalhttps://www.shemesh.co.il/en/explore/directory/business__search_Ayin%20Hara%20_mode_list/location-ayin-hara-removal-7/details


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