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 I would add that to their Hashkafa Pratis book.When you think about it.......what's the odds that ANYTHING could get by a cat in this part of Israel? MUCH LESS a FAT Hamster.

    On Friday, February 8, 2019, 10:04:25 AM GMT+2, Leeba Rosenthal <leeba at besimcha-israel.com> wrote:  
Believe  it or not, the very fat , well-loved hamster made his way back home to Darchei Noam and the kids found him outside his cage a few days ago!

I had no idea hamsters did that ; learn something new every day!



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The Darchei Noam’s school petting zoo had a hamster escape . 

He is big and fat and brown very fat for a hamster I’m told,  and the kids miss him a lot. If you spot him (and if you can pick him up even better)  please call us.

054 2323 410

Thank you
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