[BS/RBS list] Support Tiferes Chaim (formerly Bnei Hayeshivos) 4 hrs left!

R D racheldomnitz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 12:25:26 EST 2019

Over the past 14 years Tiferes Chaim with R'Dovid Reichman at the helm
has grown
in every way possible:

Hundreds of daily Mispallelim
Daily and Weekly Shiurim
Morning, Evening, and All Day Kollelim
Yearly communal Siyum Hashas
Two to Three Avos UBonim times every Shabbos
Second day Yom Tov Minyanim for Guests and Family from Chutz LaAretz
A community Shul like no other – where Anglos and Israelis feel welcome and
at home

Our generous sponsors are ready to help out and match dollar for dollar up
to 900,000 Shekel for a grand total of 1.8 million shekel, enabling us, not
only to finally complete our Shul, but to help unburden us from debt that
we carry on behalf of the Tzibbur.

Tiferes Chaim is about giving. Help us keep giving to the community by
giving generously in these last four hours,


-992 9992

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