[BS/RBS list] Save the date: The Playmobil & Toy sale is back!!

ShemeshPhone Directory sales at shemesh.co.il
Thu Feb 7 09:09:02 EST 2019

PTS 1/4

Playmobil & Toy sale at unbeatable prices.  Think Purim, think
Afikomen, think birthday or anything else.  This is the place to buy

Monday, Feb 11th
In the "Beit Tefilah Yona Avraham" hall 34 Nahal Refaim St. from 5pm to

Tuesday, February 12th:
In Sha'arei Torah hall, 48 Sfat Emet St. from 5pm to 9:30pm

See details and the catalog of many of the products on sale in the link

Save the date on your calendar today.

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