[BS/RBS list] Urgent prayer request

Esther Cohen qesther63 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 04:10:59 EST 2019

>From my friend Rena Levine...
Hi, everyone.  I just found out that my friend, Nechama's 1 year old
granddaughter is in the fight for her life.  Apparently she had awakened 2
weeks ago with her fingertips black. Doctors tried to restart circulation,
but instead of improving,  her situation is lo aleinu, worse.  Now both
hands are totally black, and the situation is quite dire. The gangrene is
chalilah, spreading. The doctors believe it is due to some type of food
poisoning.  Nechama has asked that we all have this little bubbele in our
thoughts, and if you can please say even 1 pasuk of tehillim a day, it will
go a long way towards her refuah.  Her name is Rachel bat Levana.  May she
be blessed with every ounce of refuah that she needs, immediately!!   For
those of you who are able, Nechama has also asked that you spread Rachel's
name to whatsapp groups, shul lists, whatever you can think of. On behalf
of her, I thank you all so very, very much.   Yehudis
from my good friend Yehudis Kalfa

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