[BS/RBS list] ARE YOU READY FOR PURIM? - Get your FREE book & be prepared!

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Tue Feb 5 02:32:10 EST 2019

Until the Mishna Berura was published, the Chayei Adam was the
authoritative halachic work for much of Ashkenazi Jewry. Concise and often
cryptic, until recently it remained a scholarly work without elucidation or
any English translation. Now, however, thanks to the vision of Rav Dovid
Lewin, Rav & Rosh Kollel of Mosdos Ahavas Yehonoson, this classic work is
accessible to the English speaking masses.

Whether you are reading the Hebrew original or its English translation,
Rabbi Lewin's "peirush basar va'dam" will take you on a quick tour of the
sources and basis for each halacha, beginning in the Talmud, altl the way
down to contemporary authorities and practical halacha.

To date, one volume on the halachos of Chanuka and Purim has been printed,
but other volumes are well underway. While there are still only a few hard
copies of the first printing left, you can get your PDF version of the
entire sefer FREE! Just email your request to: rabbi at torahkollel.com

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