[BS/RBS list] Terrific car for sale

Tracy Rosenstein tracy at tali.com
Mon Feb 4 14:50:17 EST 2019

2014 Mazda 3, fully loaded. This is a fantastic car, we are selling because
we decided to get a 7-seater instead. It's in excellent technical condition
(no known problems), no accidents B"H, just some minor cosmetic stuff on the
outside (typical of a car on the road in Israel for five years). We bought
it new and have cared for it well, all service only done by authorized Mazda
service centers (we have all receipts). Mileage around 110,000 km. It passed
its annual "test" a few weeks ago (next annual test is in Jan. 2020).


Asking NIS 72,000 o.b.o. ("book price" is NIS 75,000).


Complete details are below. Reply to this email if you might be interested.





This is the top-of-the-line four-door sedan "Spirit" model, with 2.0 liter
engine (165hp) in metallic blue color and the following features:


- Automatic transmission

- Keyless entry/locking and push-button ignition (you literally never need
to take your keys out of your pocket), two remote controls included

- All power doors/locks plus remote control trunk release

- Powered sunroof

- Electric folding mirrors 

- Automatically closes all windows and sunroof when car is locked from door
handle or remote control

- Walk-away automatic locking (the car locks itself automatically and closes
all the windows when you simply walk away from the car with your key on you
and no key inside the car - a great feature, but it can be turned off if you

- Cobra security system immediately calls your cellphone and sends you an
SMS if the car is banged, shaken, etc. (instead of the old-style alarm

- Engine automatically stops and restarts when car stopped (saves gas and

- Reverse video camera and beeping distance sensors

- Steering wheel controls for entertainments system, phone calls, cruise
control, manually changing gears, etc.

- Built-in (original) GPS navigation system

- 7-inch color touch-screen on the dashboard to control the stereo, GPS,
phone calls, reading/sending SMS, etc.

- Full wireless Bluetooth connection with phone for calls, SMS, streaming
audio, etc.

- 2 USB outlets (we use one for music and the other to charge phones)

- Automatic digital climate control system with two-zone temperature control
for driver+passenger 

- Cruise control

- Speed limiter

- Lane Departure Warning System (senses the dashed lines on highway lanes
and alerts you if you are swerving out of your lane without signaling)

- Automatically applies the brakes if it senses that the car will hit
something in front of you 

- Alerts you when there's low tire air pressure in any tire 

- Other safety features include six airbags, seatbelt indicators for all
five seats, anti-lock braking, traction control, stability control, etc.

- Automatic headlights on when getting dark outside (adjustable sensitivity)

- Automatic high beam control (lowers the lights when it senses oncoming
cars, can be turned off)

- Headlights auto-swivel upon turning the steering wheel and auto-adjust
headlight height angle

- Automatic rain-sensing windshield wipers (can be turned off)

- Automatic rear-view mirror dimming (when bright light is behind you at
night, can be turned off)

- Front and rear fog lights

- 40/60 folding rear seats



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