[BS/RBS list] Dental treatment free for elderly? Wishful thinking!

sunsurfer44 at yahoo.com sunsurfer44 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 08:20:57 EST 2019

Someone sent an email about free dental treatment for over 75 year olds at Meuchedet.I checked at Clalit-who said that all the Kupot Cholim will have the same "service" as it was being approved by the Ministry of Health, who would notify the Kupot on Friday, to be made public Sunday 4th Feb.
Having found no info on the misrad habriut and clalit websites today, I once again phoned the dental clinic of Clalit.
Over 75s will have free check ups, free x-rays at the clinic, free cleaning-as before with mushlam, basic treatment-fillings, extractions free or price reduced. Other prices might be reduced.
No reply needed, for further details check with your dentist.Rochel

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