[BS/RBS list] Is it raining inside....are your walls wet or peeling?

ShemeshPhone Directory sales at shemesh.co.il
Mon Feb 4 06:02:39 EST 2019

YWC 12/12

The inside of your home should remain dry and comfortable even though we
have been blessed with rain. .

Mold in the house?  Water leakage?   Don't mess with
the rest, call the best and deal with the issues once and for all.

Moshe Fadida, from A. Ye'elim, expert waterproofer and renovator,
happily stands behind all his work with a full guarantee.
Certified by Israel Standards Institute.
Moshe uses the latest thermal technology to find and show you the
source of the dampness.  He and his team will expertly fix the issues
so you can live in a comfortable and safe environment.

Please ask for references.  Moshe is happy to provide.    See:
https://bit.ly/2Msnnzg for more details.
Call today for an estimate. 072-3341059

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