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Sun Feb 3 16:10:47 EST 2019

     Join us for an inspiring morning OR evening in preparation for your
upcoming birth. Shaina Hammer Msw Doula, will share tips and insights into
how to achieve the birth you want and deserve. We will discuss how our
emotions contribute to our birth and gain tips of how to feel in control
and more prepared.

    Michaela Rosenfeld MAc, Health  coach and yoga instructor, will teach
prenatal yoga and breathing techniques to keep you and your baby healthy
throughout pregnancy. You’ll also learn some common acupressure points that
are safe and effective for many common pregnancy symptoms.

WHEN: Tuesday, February 19
WHERE: BeWell Studio- Nachshon 2A/8
TIME: 10:30-12:30 am OR   8-9:45 pm
COST: 30 shek

RSVP would be appreciated:)
Bewellness613 at gmail.com

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