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**Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef:**

SAVE THE DATE :*08/02/2019 10:00am-11:30am*
*DOLEV 40*- Spacious, well kept 4 room apartment, 100m, 2 balconies (12m
and 6m), 2nd floor, large rooms - 1.575.000NIS


*NACHAL MATTA* -  Bright and airy 5 room apartment, in excellent condition,
120m, plus 40m balcony, upgraded kitchen, master bedroom with walk in
closet, quiet street in highly thought after area - 2.200.000NIS

*NACHAL SOREK* - Very large 3.5 room apartment -97m, XL kitchen. XL
bedrooms., salon+ another family room! - 1.350.000NIS

*NACHAL SOREK* - Close to the RBSA shopping cener (merkaz), ground floor,
no steps, 3 rooms, 90 meters with legal option to add another 60 meters, 2
balconies (30m and 10m), amazing view, 8 meter storage room, covered
parking adjacent to apartment - 1.590.000NIS

LACHISH - Very spacious 6 room apartment - all on one floor! Large hall of
about 50m, serves as a huge room, large balcony 40 sqm, small garden,
private entrance, comfortable floor, renovated kitchen, new flooring and
doors, easy option for separate living unit - 2.380.000NIS

NACHAL NOAM - 4.5 rms, 120m, 3rd floor, elevator, A/C, 10m storage room -

NACHAL NOAM - Bright and airy 6 room apartment, 130m, master bedroom,
balcony, elevator, A/C, parking, storage room. - 1.795.000NIS

NACHAL NITZANIM - Beautiful, well kept 3 room apartment, balcony, view,
A/C, elevator, storage room, parking, wheelchair accessible through the
parking lot - 1.340.000NIS

DOLEV - Bright 4.5 rms, 2nd fl, elevator, A/C, big porch rented huge
storage room - 1.580.000NIS

NACHAL GILO - Gorgeous renovated apartment, 113m, stunning kitchen, new
flooring, built in bookcase, central A/C, large storage room - 1.590.000NIS

EIN GEDI - Well kept 4 rms, ground floor, 90m plus 25m garden, master
bedroom, A/C, private entrance - 1.330.000NIS

MICHA - 5 rms, 120 m, large living room, master bedroom, one extra room
(balcony closed with permit), upgraded kitchen, A/C, balcony, view! -

HABESOR - 3 rooms,permit to add 2 more rooms! ground floor, huge garden ,
wheelchair accessible!- 1.650.000NIS

Bright and airy 3 room corner apartment, brand new, 80 meters, 10.5 meter
balcony, Shabbat elevator, great  location, close to the Ramat Beit Shemesh
Alef shopping center, preschools and parks.- 1.375.000NIS

NEW project, ready in about 2 months,
3.5 rms, ground floor, no stairs!
Future option to enlarge!

**Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel:**

 For more information call Aron Pachter at 054-585-3732


*NERIA HANAVI : *Well kept 5 room apartment, 125m, 1st floor, elevator,
wheelchair accessible, master bedroom, 3 way airflow,
A/C, bars, balcony, parking, storage room, separate living unit rented out
for 2000NIS/month - 1.719.000NIS

*YECHEZKEL HANAVI* - EXCLUSIVE property, large penthouse duplex, 190m, 1st
floor: huge salon, modern kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony. 2nd floor:
hallway, 5 bedrooms, and a huge 60m balcony. A/C, bars, parking, storage
room - 2.630.000NIS

*YECHEZKEL HANAVI - *120 meters, 5 rooms 3 bathrooms (1 ensuite) , 2
service rooms, good size balcony, ample parking, quiet,
near new park and mercaz and buses - 1.600.000NIS

CHAGAI HANAVI - Beautiful 6 rms, 150m, easy option to divide it into two
apartments, storage room, parking, amazing view - 2.200.000NIS

ACHYA SHILONI- 6 rms, 147m, 2 master bedrooms, huge salon, 300m garden,
covered parking, option to enlarge - 2.300.000NIS

YONAH BEN AMITAI - Spacious 5 rm duplex, big balcony with amazing views,
huge empty space/halal - good for 2 more rooms, elevator, storage room,
parking - 2.120.000NIS

**Ramat Neria**

RABBI YANAI - Renovated 3.5 rms, 100m, 4th floor- elevator, upgraded
kitchen, safe room (mamad), 6m storage room, A/C, bars, parking -

RABBI YANAI - Invested ground floor, 4 room garden apartment in excellent
condition, in new building (only 4 years old), mamad, storage room, covered
parking, wheelchair accessible -  1.790.000NIS


GAD - 5 rm duplex, 155 m, upgraded kitchen, master bedroom, 3 bathrooms,
option to add another 53 meters (3rd level), parking (12.5m), storage room
- 1.830.000NIS

HANARKIS (mithared) :
                    - 3.5 rms - 935.000.000NIS
                    - 3 rms - 950.000NIS
                    - 4 rms beautifully renovated - 1.250.000NIS
                    - 3.5 rms - 1.350.000NIS

*Old Beit Shemesh*

*BAR ILAN  AREA *- MITHARED - Lots of apartments for sale ! For more
information call the office at 02-999-6280

GUR ARYEH - 3 rms - 960.000NIS

DAVID RAZIEL - Beautifully renovated 4 rm apartment, new plumbing, new
flooring, etc. 90m,  A/C. - 1.450.000NIS

***PROPERTIES FOR RENT*: (sample only)**


7 rooms, every one of the 6 bedrooms is big.
3 full baths, one part of parent's suite.
2 separate central AC for each floor, Shabbos clocks, etc.
a full laundry room w/ sink and storage room directly accessible from the
3 different porches, an amazing 250 sq m. garden w/ fruit trees.
A full sukka comes w the rental, as well as many other little amenities
like barbeque, Pesach cabinets in the kitchen, etc.
2 floors down, in the heart of Dolev, right next to everything, but
amazingly quiet & private.


HAYARKON - 7 rm cottage, nice garden, double covered parking, view , near
parks, immediate - 7.900NIS

For details call David Eri at 054-319-1310 or e-mail to
davideri at royalrealty.co.il

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