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Sun Feb 3 14:50:50 EST 2019

*Do you want to have an organized house ?*

Are you tired of organizing your house,
Does it never seems to get better when putting things away?

Are your closets full of clutter ,you want to take it out,
but somehow it always stays in the house?

You want to get it more organized and don't know how????

I'd like to help you learn how to get organized,

in a easy joy full way!

*Call now- *

*Efrat Griner- 0523779459 *

My name Is *Efrat Griner*

Home organizer and life coach.

Together let's Make room in your house
 and space in your heart and learning
 how to organize your home easily.

*How does it work? *

*5 stages to home organizing:*

1- *Choosing*

You pick an area in your house
you want  to keep organized and tidy.
2- *Sorting*

Together we* sort* what goes and what stays;
in a special fun method.

3- *Planning*

You get great tips about what goes where
and how to accommodate different stuff.
4- *Organizing- *

We put things together in place.

5- *Keeping*

We talk about habits that help keep
your house organized.

*When ?*

The process takes between 4-5 hours
we work together.

*Call now- *

*Efrat Griner- 0523779459 *

local small business free Sunday add

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