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Patients are coming to The Integrative Health Center from all over Israel!

What types of problems?
*A 6 year old boy who is having difficulty reading.
*A 12 year old boy having trouble paying attention in class.
*A pregnant mother with sciatica.
*An 85 year old woman after a fall and multiple surgeries.
*A woman with failed low back surgery.
*A young man with many internal problems of the digestive system.
*A former soldier suffering post traumatic stress syndrome.
*A woman with terrible back pain and emotional stress since the death of
her sister in an auto accident 20 years ago.
*A woman with multiple sclerosis.
*A man with Parkinson's.
*Teens with anxiety, insomnia, and schizophrenia
*And of course the many people with the usual neck and low back pain,
headaches, migraines, TMJ problems, herniated discs, etc.

I have developed a unique method of addressing both structure and function
that is quite effective.

Start getting answers instead of having doctors and professors tell you:

“There’s nothing more that can be done.”

“You will just have to live with it.”

“You can’t receive any more injections.”

“It’s all in your head.”

“You need surgery.”

Medications and injections only mask the problem, sometimes are
ineffective, and cause unwanted side effects. Surgery can lead to more pain
and more surgeries.

Where do you turn next? Why continue suffering?

Dr. Rosenberg is a Chiropractor and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

Patients are coming to The Integrative Health Center from all over Israel!

Call Dr. Rosenberg now for a free consult. He will take the time to listen
to you.

"You will feel understood and excited to receive a real plan of

Phone consultations and treatment programs available by phone and SKYPE

Helping more people by helping people more since 1999. :)

Yechezkel HaNavi 7/4

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