[BS/RBS list] New Single! Yifkod from the Lenny Solomon Album Shira Yetaira feat. Moshe Bell

Lenny Solomon lenny at shlockrock.com
Sun Feb 3 09:26:11 EST 2019

HI Everyone,

I am proud to announce the release of the first single off my album
The Lenny Solomon Project – Shira Yetaira

The songs from Shira Yetaira were written 30 minutes before Shabbat came in 
over an 18 month period from Succot 5777 to Pesach 5778 with the theory
that just as we receive a Neshama Yetaira (an extra soul) before Shabbat 
we also get a Shira Yetaira! (an extra song)

The song Yifkod features Bet Shemesh singing sensation Moshe Bell.
It was recorded at Jeff Horvitch Studio which is in Yishi.

The lyrical video was produced by Raanan Rosenbaum! 


All of this was made possible by sponsors to “The 4 Corners Project”
who’s mission is to reach the Jews scattered to the 4 Corners of the world
through music and media.

Please go to the website and consider sponsoring!  www.4cornersproject.org

Any questions email me!  We have a fabulous plan for the year and will be releasing
lots of new songs and videos in both English and Hebrew!

Enjoy the song!

Thanks, Lenny

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