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Rabbi Yehonasan Gefen gefen123 at inter.net.il
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Sorry,  here’s  the correct version.


Mrs Simcha Gefen, BA Ed, MA Jewish Ed, will be giving an open house on chinuch of children with ADHD. Ladies only.

 Nachal Noam, 10/2

 Tuesday, Feb 5th, 8.30pm. 

Free admission.



What will you learn?

- Early identification

- Feeling empowered

- Social interaction

- Advocating for your child

- Effective discipline

- Medication



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Hi Mrs. Geffen,


I'm so sorry for the delayed response.

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If you are interested in featuring the shiur on shemesh.co.il <http://shemesh.co.il>  and in the weekly newsletter for a small fee please let me know.


Thank you!


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Are you able to forward the attached advert for a free open house shiur to the Shemesh list?


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