[BS/RBS list] Need More Matzah? Call Me - I Have Extra Shmurah

Catriel Lev catriel.lev at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 15:07:06 EDT 2019

With great gratitude to Hashem (and, of course, with thanks to my
friend Eliezer from the Rebbe's Shul who passed on his extra 2.5 kg of
Matzah to me), I see that we have more than enough Matzah to last us
through Shabbat!

I estimate that we can give out up to 1 kg (and I'll give out even a
total of 1.5 kg if anyone, or three someones, is/are in very dire
straits) - I really do want to "pay this forward" and continue
Eliezer's Chesed to me onward to others who can't quite make it all
the way through with the Matzah they have.

The Matzah is wrapped in half-kilo sealed plastic "bags" within the
big box of it that I received.
It is Shmurah with the Hechshers of the Jerusalem Rabbinate and the
O-K (and also Eidah Chareidit), and anyone who needs some should
contact me enough before Yom Tov that s/he can pick it up (we are in
RBS-Alef near the corner of Dolev and Shimshon)!

Moadim LeSimĥah
Catriel Lev - כתריאל לב
Ramat Bet Shemesh - רמת בית שמש
Mobile Phone: 050-205-7867

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