[BS/RBS list] Biyur Chometz Safety Tips from Hatzala Beit Shemesh

Hatzala Beit Shemesh Public Relations pr at hatzbs.org
Thu Apr 18 00:53:15 EDT 2019

Tomorrow is Biyur Chometz. Are you doing it safely?

1. Never leave a fire unattended
2. Children should always be accompanied by an adult
3. NEVER throw flammable liquids or combustables into a fire. Even empty
    containers that held flammables should notbe thrown into a fire
4. Never burn plastic  bags, bottles, or containers

For any out-of-control fire, immediately call *102*

*For any burn or medical emergency in RBS A, G or G2: 02.999.999.2*

*Feel free to print the attached graphic and place it at your local chometz
burning location. *
*For any emergency in RBS A, G or G2: 02.999.999.2*

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