[BS/RBS list] Urgent need. Any donation very helpful: Divorced mom, large family, serious situation, in RBS

Susan Hyde su.hyde at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 10:11:52 EDT 2019

Dear Listers

This lady, a friend and I are working with social worker, lawyer, Chesed

Trouble is, the lady is in dire straits right now and even Pesach cleaning
is being delayed due to her meetings in Tel Aviv re legal situation with
ex-husband, her work and all.

We all know people in dire need. This lady crossed my path so I’m doing my

If you can help at all it would make an enormous difference.

Any money at all for daily and Pesach food,  or disposable plates and
cutlery, foil, plastic, Yom Tov clothes for little girls aged 7 and 10.


Susan Hyde

Cell Israel 054-398-6800

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