[BS/RBS list] Give your Teen Son the Gift of Self Confidence & Self Support

Sally Broker tzviandsally at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 05:24:33 EDT 2019

*Use this Bein Hazmanim wisely if this sounds like you*

*My son feels frustrated for not having an outlet for his interests and
talents outside of learning.*

*I'd like my son to develop skills he can use to make a living one day but
don't even know where to start.*

*I feel my son would be more matzliach in his learning if he saw the bigger
picture of how he will become successful one day.*

Tzvi Broker is an* experienced educational & vocational counselor helping
teens & adults find their passions, talents and build a path to a
successful parnassa in a Kosher way.*

With Haskama of Local Rabbanim
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EMAIL: tzvibroker at gmail.com or call 054-289-0959

** local small business**.

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