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Sun Apr 7 02:29:53 EDT 2019

Dear Readers,

As Pesach rapidly approaches hundreds of families turn to us to help.

This year IY"H we plan to run THIRTY TWO – LEV-  COMMUNAL SEDERS countrywide (two of them in Bet Shemsh)

with hundreds of participants who would otherwise NOT participate in a Seder.

(Cost of  a couple in a Communal  Seder240 nis, Family with 4 children, 720nis)

Donations are tax deductible in Israel and in the United States.

Credit Card Donations can be made by phone at  *6137 or 1-800-200-430,
Or can be made via the link:


Checks can be dropped off at:

Sheinfeld: 15 Naftali (Shpitzer Family)

Nofei Aviv: HaShoshan 12A (Gershon Family)

RBS A Shaalei Torah office: Nahal Sorek 16

For Israeli tax deductions, please write check out to Shaalei Tikva

 For American tax deductions, please write check out to American Friends of Shaalei Torah

Sara Shpitzer

Sha'alim  (Sha'alei Torah)


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