[BS/RBS list] Children's Shoe Gemach גמ"ח נעלים לילדים

Abby Weisz abbyweisz at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 02:46:02 EDT 2019

It is that time of year again! Please donate your gently used/or new shoes
in good condition- for children ages 2-12. The shoes will be sold at a
reduced price to families in Bet Shemesh and Yerushalyim who are looking
for a quality pair of shoes for a lot less money.
Please note the importance of this Gemach at this time of year. It is an
opportunity to give and receive! It is especially crucial so that monies
saved on Yom Tov shoes can go towards other YomTov necessities.
All of the money from the sold pairs go back into the gemach to purchase or
bring in more shoes from the States.

*Collection* will be for one week from Sunday April 7 to Friday April 13.
*Drop off point:* Basket under the mail boxes at Left Most entrance to Ein
Gedi 36.
Sale will be by appointment only, upon request,  the week of April 15.
PLEASE email Abbyweisz at gmail.com to schedule (morning and evening hours).

Tizku Li'Mitzvot
The Shoe Gemach

Questions? please email Abbyweisz at gmail.com

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