[BS/RBS list] [UPDATES ] Purim Campaign Winner Announced!!

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Wed Apr 3 05:48:31 EDT 2019

Watch the ceremony here: http://bit.ly/2HUV51H

"I knew the streets were quieter this year....you are responsible!" Mayor
Aliza Bloch announced yesterday at the official drawing ceremony for the
winner of the “Just Say No to Explosives” campaign. Thousands of children
in Beit Shemesh signed that they will not play with explosives, and the
difference was felt throught the city, with less casualties reported than
in previous years.

We are so proud to have spearheaded this project and that together we were
able to make a difference!

Thank you to all the different organizations who came together and made
this possible! Keren Yosef
the incredible Zion Hasaot who donated the prize of a bus for whole day,
the Matnasim, Ezrat Achim
the Israel Police - משטרת ישראל
, United Hatzalah Beit Shemesh
of course our incredible team at Shemesh Media who made it all happen!

Looking forward to the next big project where we can help make this city
safer, better and more connected!

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