[BS/RBS list] Would you want to host womens motzei shabbos kumsitz/shiur/storytelling melave malka get together? or musical Hallel on Chanukah!!!

Rachel Rubin rubinr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 10:33:29 EST 2018

Shalom Uvracha,  Dear Holy Women
 ! Let's sing in the geulah !  the great miracles!  שעשה נסים לאבותינו
בימים ההם בזמן הזה -- עזי וזמרת קה ויהיה לי לישועה
Would you want to host a melava malka kumsitz / shiur / storytelling for
or a musical Hallel on Chanukah!

It would be nice to get together, holy women, to celebrate..pray and sing
beautiful niggunim, soul songs, learn torah and share heartwarming stories!
and some good vegan healthy food.

If you have a health-conscious home   (of course non smoking/ and trying to
avoid synthetic fragrances/ )
a space with a good ambiance
and would like to host please let me know.  Thanks.

May we all have bracha, simcha, holiness, peace and love in our home and
all the best, Rachel

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