[BS/RBS list] Basic Computer Skills for the Golden Girls

Sheina sheina03 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 10:05:42 EST 2018

Learn basic computer skills in a warm atmosphere, especially for those rich
in years.  Lessons will cover:

   1) Email Essentials  - what you need to know about emails, what is safe
(phishing) and how to send safe multiple emails.

   2) Findable Files - the best practices to save and fine your files, file
types and how the computer works with them.

   3) Safe and Secure - what you need to know about security on the
computer and on the web.

   4) Much, much more from a computer expert and web design coder.

Near the Mircaz in Aleph.

Phone for more information

Sheina Yeheskel

02-995-2188/ 054-881-6315

list at shemesh.co.il

local small business

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