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Sun Nov 25 04:27:19 EST 2018

This is   Tzedakkah appeal I called you about putting in again for Chanukah
 Thank  you so much
Going to   Rebbetzin Tzipporah  Heller at Neve Yerushalayim Seminary. Thank
you so very ,very much for the Chesed!

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Urgent Tzedakkah Appeal  Endorsed by Rabbonim   by Rabbi Yaacov Hillel,
Rabbi Zev Leff,Rabbi Yom Tov Glazer ,Rabbi Simcha Sheinberg,Rebbetzin Deena
Weinberg .Rabbi Dayan Dunner,Rabbi Yisrael Gans ,and others Badatz Stamped
                                                    This is an appeal for a
lonely,sick widow  with no living relatives or children .She is a cancer
survivor who has suffered thru  a very harsh illness  and also beset with a
serious heart condition which needs constant monitoring and care.She most
desperately needs money for the most basic needs and medical expenses.
Please send any tzedakkah donations to : Rebbetzin Tzippora Heller,Neve
Yerushslayim Seminary ,1 Beit Yitshak Street,Har Nof ,Jerusalem 94130.
                             Checks can be made out to Rabbi Yonaton
   For more information  Phone 0532224868.
                                              joanmarastern at gmail.com
Hashem will
Greatly bless you with this great Chesed!

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