[BS/RBS list] Routine is Awesome!

Beverly Chimes beverlychimes at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 04:20:37 EST 2018

Routine is AWESOME.
I am so, so grateful for the humdrum, everyday predictability of routine.

Sometimes, though, it gets boring...
So I've been wondering how to add some positive energy and healthy
excitement to my daily routine.

Then I discovered that I’m not the first person to ask this question!
There is a whole book about adding pizzazz to your life by getting up early
and starting your day with some powerful action. (Did someone read my
In his bestseller, "Miracle Morning,” Hal Elrod talks about getting up
earlier and getting a jump-start on the day - and infusing yourself with
energy and bubbling good attitude!

What works for me - so far - is this: my first tiny step is to get up early
and daven.
My next tiny step is to do 15 minutes of yoga.
Then I plan my day, just like I always do. But now I’m planning my day from
a place of connection and energy. Wow. This is a whole new me.

What smallest healthy action could you introduce into your day to give you
a buzz of energy to launch you into your routine? What 5 or 10 minute
action will help you connect to and focus on your day ahead? What would
help you start your day off with increased peace, power, or playfulness?
(And which of those would benefit you most today?)

Tell me what you did, and how you did it! And how you changed your days in
a big way with a small action. Enjoy!

Beverly Chimes
Life Coach
"From Striving to Thriving"
0545 740 614

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