[BS/RBS list] American Style Catering and Prepared Food; Delicious Latkes

אריאל פיש arielfish8 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 16:56:35 EST 2018

Making a bris? Pidyon haben?  Sheva Brachos?  Bar mitzvah?  Aufruf? We will
take care of it for you. We provide full service catering or drop off
catering. Whichever suits your needs. We also have a Chinese menu to choose
from. We will work with your taste and your budget. Meat or dairy.
Tired? Overwhelmed? Can't cope? No problem. We provide a wide variety of
prepared food for Shabbos and for any other time. Shabbos orders should be
placed by noon on Thursday and orders for other times should be placed 24
hours in advance.
***We also make beautiful, delicious latkes. Place your orders now.
Discounts for larger orders.***
Everything is mehadrin ingredients and the kitchen is under the hashgacha
of R Dovid Lewin of Mosdos Ahavas Yehonosson on Nachal Lachish.
Ariel Fish
arielfish8 at gmail.com
050 875 8425
Check out our Facebook page
Ariel Fish Chef

small RBS business


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