[BS/RBS list] Hungry for Pizza - Pizza Jerusalem 10 is having another sale!

ShemeshPhone Directory sales at shemesh.co.il
Tue Nov 20 04:31:35 EST 2018

JTP 12/12

>From today through Friday, November 23rd,  XXXL pie (45cm) for only 55nis
includes delivery*  Make sure to mention that you are calling from the ad
on Shemesh List.

Open all week until 23:00.
Open Friday until 1:30pm.
Motzei Shabbat from one hour after Shabbat until midnight.

Call: 050-9695969 to place your order. Offer valid only until  23/11/18
See:  http://bit.ly/2IELSIg for more deliecious items on our menu.

Jerusalem 10 is a clean store with A/C, and free WiFi,

Handicapped accessible, free parking, indoor or outdoor seating.

Nachal Maor 8, RBS A.



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