[BS/RBS list] Chessed Meals for Local Elderly Couple-Please

Esther Nicoll nicoll18 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 08:06:35 EST 2018


To my dear fellow Jews,

Six weeks ago I told you about a lovely  elderly couple well in their
eighties, living in RBS Alef  who needed our help. the Lady who took the
bad fall and broke her wrist is scheduled to have the cast removed, however
she has many months of trying physical therapy ahead of her, and
practically only one relative in Beit Shemesh.

the husband has alzheimers and the wife is unable to cook or do any simple
tasks because of her injury and general health situation. we are working on
getting more long term steady help on all fronts!

But  for the time being while some major issues have and are being
resolved, we still need YOU! I am attaching a link for a mealtrain, please
if you are able, sign up for one meal please do! it is such a tremendous
chessed in this helpless and difficult situation. Tizku L'mitzvos!!!

BTW-no food restrictions, allergies, just no spicy food please ;-) (they
live on Ayalon and food can be delivered until 7pm).


any questions?

call me: Esther 055-679-8620 (if you want to visit with this sweet couple
let me know, they are thrilled with nice visitors)!

Kol Tov and G-D Bless you!

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