יונתן איזנברג yonatani at bankjerusalem.co.il
Mon Nov 19 06:42:19 EST 2018

I'm looking for donations for a single Beit Shemesh mother with 7 beautiful children. The father was a very close friend of mine who tragically had a personal crisis which destroyed his marriage. He left the country and now lives in the US and regrettably is not sending any money for his children's support. His wife is a true tzadekkes and is currently cleaning houses in addition to what little Bituach Leumi she receives. She is Baruch Hashem raising her children to be happy, successful and productive in spite of the hardships they endure financially and in spite of their father's leaving. The wife is shouldering all bills alone and has debts running to the tens of thousands in addition to back tuition owed. I have several recommendations from local rabbanim which I would be glad to send. Please help! Thank you. Yonatan Eisenberg 0504426156 Rama A.

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