[BS/RBS list] Have you checked out this week's specials at Best Market?

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Mon Nov 12 01:38:45 EST 2018

TBB 31/50

Before you shop for this week's groceries, click here for this weeks
flyer : https://goo.gl/mHCVYR
 for great deals on the products you use.

Come into Best Market for a relaxing and enjoyable shopping experience.

10 Great Reasons to shop at Best Market

1. Customer service - need something?  Please ask.  We are happy to
provide "American Service"
2. American products that you can't find anywhere else.
4. High-quality fresh fruits and vegetables  under the Hashgacha of
HaRav Efrati.
3. Weekly specials.  Check out our full-colour flyer at:
 for great deals on the products you use.
4. Become a Club Member and enjoy even more discounts and FREE
delivery (with 600nis purchase) within 4 hours.
5. Home delivery - we bag your groceries (including the perishables)
and deliver them straight to your home.
You won't have to wait long for your order either.
7. No long checkout lines - we add cashiers as needed to keep your
waiting time down to a minimum.
8. Cleanliness is our priority.  We keep the store clean for you.
9, Fresh Butcher - daily delivery of fresh, mehadrin chicken and meat,
prepared to your specification.  Don't wait in line, order in advance
with an email to mybestbutcher at gmail.com and have it ready for pick up
when you come.
10.  Two conveniently located stores to serve you.  Our full service
supermarket at Park Center, Nachal Dolev 19 and our Makolet style
store at Nachal Habesor 2.

Don't forget to click on this link for our weekly specials:
Looking forward to serving you.

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