[BS/RBS list] Shidduch Assistance !

Devora Rosenbaum devorarosenbaum at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 08:39:54 EST 2018

I am happy to discuss shidduchim with you, whether you are OUT OF THE BOX
or IN !
Many years of experience with assisting singles, of varying shades of the
orthodox world (Dtl, Chareidi Leumi, out of the box Chareidi, and standard
Chareidi, out of the box Chasidic, and Chassidic inclined),
I may be able to help you!

Profiles may be sent to dr9919272 at gmail.com
To book an appt, please send an email or leave a text message only, at
 phone hours S-Wed 10-3

Bsorot Tovot!

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