[BS/RBS list] Learn to play an instrument with Studio Musikef!

Judy Clark judy.a.clark at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 06:06:04 EST 2018

> Hi Parents,

> Give the gift of music- the gift that lasts a lifetime!

> Studio Musikef is offering the following chugim:
> Learn piano/keyboard, guitar, recorder, clarinet, flute, darbuka and
> ukulele with fun, dynamic teachers!
    New instruments this year: trumpet and saxophone!

> And YOUTH SIMCHA BAND for experienced young musicians!
> Classes are offered both in Givat Sharett and RBS, and are suitable for
> boys and girls, 3rd grade through adults.
> Register now for group, semi-private or private lessons.
> Instrument rental available.
> Free trial class for new students!

 For younger music enthusiasts, we offer a once-a- month, beginner music
class which includes introduction to the musical scale, rhythm-reading, and
music appreciation, using a wide variety of rhythm instruments such as
drums, xylophones, guiros, gongs and boomwhackers (pitched percussion

For more information, please contact
Judy Clark MA, ALCM
Studio Musikef 054685780


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