[BS/RBS list] RBS Gelt Center: hours, new services, Chanuka, PSA - please read

Avraham Elkind avraham.elkind at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 09:19:01 EST 2018

Dear All:

RBS Gelt Center opens Sunday thru Friday at 8:30am.
Sunday thru Thursday we close at 5pm, on Fridays at noon.

During *** CHANUKA *** we will be closing at 3pm.

After hours service is available for regulars only by calling your order
into the store during regular business hours.

*** NEW ***
We now have credit card processing with possibility of up to 12 monthly
payments for Israeli credit cards.  Please contact the store for details.
The credit card holder must be present in the store with the physical card.

*** NEW ***
Business consulting - please contact the store for details.

*** PSA (Public Service Announcements) ***

Book for sale: Healthy Living according to Halacha
worth its weight in gold, we sell it at cost at the price of copper.
Available in English and in Hebrew, we recommend one of each to engage the
whole family.

*** After school enrichment programs for kids ***

Please email me for details

Best regards for a healthy winter and beyond

Avraham Elkind, Shlomi Aron, Chesky Leibowitz
RBS Gelt Center - Financial Services
Local Trusted Ontime!

Nahal Nitzanim 1
RBSA Merkaz Mischari

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