[BS/RBS list] Getting Married? RBSA-Owned Wedding Gown Gemach!

Lepon lepon at 012.net.il
Sun Nov 4 04:46:26 EST 2018

Getting Married?
Check out the Shalshelet/Chasdei Yaela Bridal Gown Gemach on Yaffo St. in Jerusalem.
Over 200 dresses from no cost to 1000 NIS + dry cleaning.
Exquisite Bridal Tiaras, Crowns, Headpieces etc
 Your donated bridal gowns are welcome and will be received with a blessing! 
Call for appointment: Racheli - 054-647-2611, 
Naomi - 054-630-1188 ‭‮

 small local business‭‮

Shoshana Lepon
lepon at 012.net.il


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