[BS/RBS list] Update on little boy that fell out of the window...

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Sun Nov 4 05:18:02 EST 2018

For those that asked his name is

 אהרון מאיר בן יעל מרים
Thanks, they really appreciate it!

On Sun, Nov 4, 2018, 12:12 PM Deborah G <devorahk at usa.net wrote:

> Wonderful news! A continued refuah sheleima!
> Will you please send me/post the name again so I can daven again?
> Thanks!
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> Please keep on saying tehilim, they really appreciate it...
> Here is an update: Aharon's progress continues to encourage us and the team
> at Alyn. He is talking much more; telling us things spontaneously,
> commenting on things, not just making requests. His speech has become
> clearer and he is also speaking more Hebrew in addition to English. His
> movement has improved in that he tries to get up on his own and can walk a
> few steps unassisted (therapists are not recommending he do this yet but
> he's very motivated to move!) and crawls to get around. He is practicing
> crawling up and down stairs in and outside therapy. He is able to use both
> hands together to throw a ball and is learning how to grasp better with his
> left hand. He smiles his full smile now, not just on the right side of his
> face. And we received the results of his EEG that he is not having seizures
> (!!) which is a common phenomenon in brain injury. He is being titrated off
> the seizure meds he's been taking since the accident. חסדי ה. He is
> asking
> now to use the bathroom a couple times a day so we are trying to retoilet
> train him. A vision test revealed that he does not see on the left side of
> either of his eyes and so his depth perception and vision on his left side
> are impaired. Docs said this could heal with time so we wait and see (and
> pray!) We have a CT scan tomorrow morning, as well as our first follow up
> appointment with the neurosurgeon to see where we're at. We met a woman
> this week at alyn who after hearing Aharon's story started crying that she
> had a son twenty years ago who fell from the third story window and didn't
> survive. And we were overwhelmed with endless gratitude all over again.
> That Hashem said yes to us and to aharon and continues to say yes everyday.
> And it is no doubt directly related to all the tefillah and maasim tovim
> that are being done in his merit by all of you. Thank you never did and
> continues to not feel sufficient. But thank you.
> On Sat, Oct 13, 2018, 9:01 PM Robin Singer <robin7b at gmail.com wrote:
> > Thanks for saying tehioim and please continue....
> >
> > Aharon update: Aharon's first week at alyn has brought many surprises
> each
> > day. He quickly graduated from baby food and is now able to eat the full
> > range of foods again. He smiled for the first time. And now smiles more
> > frequently. Especially when he saw his brothers for the first time since
> he
> > fell this week. He also said his first word, "owie" to describe his
> > hospital bracelet on his ankle. The first speech that returns in a head
> > injury are those things that are more automatic and so we have seen
> aharon
> > be able to daven some of the tefillot along with us that he knows from
> gan.
> > He is becoming more able to pay attention to things like people talking
> to
> > him, books and television. He nods his head yes and no to respond to
> > questions and has started to gain more stability in his body such that he
> > can sit on his own. And he's almost sleeping through the night again. May
> > the coming week bring continued ניסים as Aharon's improvements
> continue...
> >
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