[BS/RBS list] Funeral information for Rabbi Dovid Kaminetsky

Faygie Goldstein greatestbubby at hotmail.com
Thu May 31 16:02:55 EDT 2018

This email is so hard for me to write.
 The funeral for Dovid Kaminetsky will take place at
Bnei Yeshurun 641 W. Englewood Ave. Teaneck NJ at 12:30 today Thursday May 31.

Burial will take place on Friday at Eretz Hachaim Cemetary in Beit Shemesh. the flight is supposed to arrive at noon so we dont know the exact time until 8 am tomorrow- flight oo2 from kennedy.

The family will be sitting shiva at the home of Symie Liff 10 Hakablan until Sunday evening June 3 and will resume shiva Monday morning at 1288 Hudson Road, Teaneck, NJ until Thursday morning June 7.

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