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Nadlan Town News:


Deals for both new and secondhand apartments jumped in comparison with
February, the Finance Ministry reports.

A total of  9,100 residential real estate deals were transacted in March in
Israel, an increase of 14% in comparison with February 2018





RENTALS in RBS/BS: (commercial property):


NEW IN THE MARKET: LEV HARAMA new shopping center and offices in RBS B
(close to the Kyria Charedit and Sheinfeld)Shops and offices for rent
enquire in our office (different sizes available)


PARK CENTER RBS A Nachal Dolev, offices of  various sizes for rent, please
enquire in our office. 

SINGLE OFFICE WITH A/C,(can provide desk and chair) A/C, BIG WINDOW FACING
THE PARK, NIS 1,390 + VAT (includes , electricity, water and arnona) Tax
Invoice provided, good for accountant/lawyer: PARK CENTER


-          RBS A: Repahim, entrance level 2 office, divided into 2
rms,approx. 35 sqm NIS 2,200 

-1 rm, 20 sqm office, a/c bars, NIS 1,300

--- Near train station, offices from 50 to 300 sqm , NIS 50 per meter,
available now


- Offices for rent in the Bet Shemesh industrial area(North) from 60sqm from
NIS50 per sqm 

 - Near Sheinfeld, 25 sqm office  NIS 1,500 p/m , 50sqm office    NIS3,000

  - Near Sheinfeld, 45 sqm shop , NIS 2,800 p/m (next to large supermarket)

   - Near Sheinfeld, approx 70 sqm shop/office/clinic NIS 4,000 p/m

   - Near Shainfeld , office/storeroom 45 sqm NIS 2,000 p/m

    -Bet Shemesh North industrial area, blocks of 130 sqm suitable for
offices, shop or light industry NIS 37 per sqm

  - Bet Shemesh North industrial area, offices ranging from 240 sqm - NIS35
per sqm


- Beit Shemesh Industial area, 300 sqm to 3 dunams, NIS 35 per sqm+ VAT -

Offices in Migdal Hamayim from 60 NIS per M Shops in Migdal a Mayim from
NIS 100  per Meter-


Commercial property for sale:


-          Migdal HaMayim 80 sqm shop NIS 1,650,000-

-          Ramat Beit Shemesh G  50 sqm NIS 1,650,000-







4 rm  and 5 rm with garden (70 to 120 sqm)

1 level 6 rm pentohouse with 80 sqm porch





Ramat Bet Shemesh "G 2" click:  <http://www.nadlantown.com/GA.asp>

Special RBS G2, 5 rm, entrance level, garden and porch, spacious salon,
attached covered pkg and storeroom (approx. 40 sqm) nis 1,750,000 !! 


Mishkafayim click:   <http://www.nadlantown.com/EG.asp>
http://www.nadlantown.com/EG.asp  also click:
<http://www.nadlantown.com/EM.asp> http://www.nadlantown.com/EM.asp


M3     click:    <http://www.nadlantown.com/AHN.asp>







4 rm, master bedroom,9 sqm succa porch view to park, few left NIS 1,650,000


6 rm penthouse.Not many left!!


Great opportuniuty for  ONLY NIS 980,000!!! RBS A 

Great  investment or to live- in, 2 rm unit for the 3rd age group (60
plus),building will have a Shul, large common dinning room for gests,
conference room, sports room,etc.Prices start at NIS 880,000 -


RBS A SALES (sample only):

6 rn duplex on HaYarkon, recently refurbished, 2 suca porches, covered pkg,
large storeroom .NIS 2,250,000

4 rm on Uriah, lovely, large garden , potential to expand NIS 1,600,000

4 rm on HaBsor, huge salon, large porch, modern kitchen, very large
storeroom NIS 1,599,000

New on the mkt, Ramat Shilo, 6 rm 185 sqm , garden approx. 125 sqm, invested
NIS 2,350,000make an offer!!

4 rm on Dolev, new in the mkt, low floor, new kitchen, large porch, covered
pkg and storeroom, legal option to add 2 more rooms NIS 1,490,000 Priced to

10 Rms on Ramat Shilo,new on the market, huge 240 sqm, separate studio
rental , must be seen NIS 2,599,000

6 rm on Ramat Shilo, new on the market, option to split into 2 apartments,
great investment potential

4 rm ,Micha, new on the mkt, legal option to expand, airy & bright, bargain
NIS 1,420,000

4.5 rm Noam, spacious salon,looked after, a/c NIS 1,480,000

4 rm on Timna, low floor, succa porch, view, storeroom .Priced to sell!!
1,445,000 NEW ON THE MKT!! 

-          4 rm on Matta, entry level, invested spacious kitchen, a/c on all
rooms, storeroom REDUCED TO  NIS 1,450,000 !!

Cottage on Maor, 7 rms, very invested, modern kitchen, landscaped garden,
option to have  a clinic/office with separate entrance. Serious vendors!!
Nis 2,750,000 NEGOTIABLE. Make an offer!!

Cottage on Refaim, 7 rms, large garden, storage room,succa porch, separate
office/clinic, must be seen !Asking NIS 2,780,000 

4 rm on Lachish, airy & bright, ample salon, great location NIS 1,420,000

4 rm Zoar, central location, option to build a rental unit , serious vendor!
NIS 1,399,000

3.5 rm on Ein Gedi withy separate rental unit, must be seen! Nis 1,650,000
Ideal property for investor!

6 rm on Dolev , new kitchen, large porch, plus separate rental unit , option
to build NIS 1,650,000


Arugot, one level, huge salon and dining area, separate unit (rental
potential)350 sqm well tended garden, 2 en suit bedrooms NIS 2,500,000 MUST




5 rm Lachish 3bdrm , huge salon and large family room (could be used as 4th
bedroom) entrance level, suitable handicapped, huge succa porch and garden,
breath taking view, invested, from July, NIS 5,600

3 rm on Sorek, very central, large porch, view, invested NIS 3,500

Ramat Shilo, 2 rm , 35 sqm, brand new, includes water and arnona,NIS 2,900

5.5 rm on HaYarkon, large porch and garden, central a/c, levator NIS 5,500

5 rm on   Mata, duplex, very invested and well kept NIS 5,500

4 rm on Ein Gedi, private entrance, airy & bright, huge apt (size of 5 rm),
view NIS 5,350

4 rm on ein Gedi, , quiet area, cul de sac, bargain  from June 11, NIS 3,800

4 rm , Bsor, ground level, garden,option for extra room , NIS 4,500

1.5 rm , on Kishon, fulkly furnished , immediate NIS 2,200 incliding ,
electricity, water and arnona






New on the market, Neria, 5 rm , low floor, separate rental unit NIS
1,800,000 Great value for money!!

3 rm on HaBakuk, low floor, well kept, must be seen! NIS 1,299,000 -

3 rm on Yechezkel, approx. 85 sqm, 1st floor, storeroom, pkg NIS 1,299,000 -

HaBakook , 4 rm, handicapped accessible , a/c, covered pkg and storeroom,
view , great price!! NIS 1,450,000-

Yechezkel ,  5 rm,close to shops and buses, nice size porch, must be seen!
NIS 1,650,000-

-HaShiloni, 5 rm, low floor, large porch, invested,NIS 1,750,000


-New in the market , 6 rm , Yechezkel Ha Navi, large yard, very upgraded NIS

-HaShiloni4 rm ,large storeroom with attached covered pkg optionto make it
into a rental unit,big kitchen, large porch, reduced to  NIS 1,580,000


-HaBakuk, 4 rm, luxurious building, panoramic view, NIS 1,475,000

Yirmiahu, 4 rm,invested, great view, NIS 1,485,000-

Habakuk, 4 rm, very invested, magnificent view, storeroom and covered pkg,
NIS 1,650,000-

-Yirmiahu, 5 rm, 3 air exposures, invested view, wheelchair accessible, NIS

Yoel Hanavi, 5 rm, entrance level, garden,amazing view, covered parking NIS

Neriah HaNavi, 5 rm,low floor, spacious salon,a/c, big porch, separate
rental unit (NIS 2,300 rent) NIS 1,870,000-


RBS G for Rent:


3 rm Yona Ben Amitai, airy & bright, large porch, from 10 June NIS 3,200


RBS G2 4 rm, entrance level, garden , from 1/7/18 NIS 3,900


3 rm on Dvora Hanavya , invested, storeroom and covered pkg , from June NIS


Neriah, 5 rm plus basement and garden, view , from July , NIS 5,850 .For
religious institution NIS 6,500


6 rm Yona Ben Amitai , duplex, garden, immediate NIS 5,000


Large  6 rm(2 ensuite) Achiya Hashiloni apartment on one floor.  Lovely
eat-in kitchen.  A/C, bars, screens.- building also faces Neria.  From

4 rm Yrmiahu,nice location, immediate NIS 4,3 00

2 rm, Achia Shilona, 25 sqm' includes everything NiS 2,500

8rm cottage, HaNavi Zfania , 4 bathrooms,3 floors, 2 pkg lots, immediate NIS





New on the mkt , 5rm (one small)  on Rashi, renovated, view, succa porch NIS

New in the mkt, 4 rm, option to add 3 more (legally) large garden NIS
1,599,000 (option to split into 2 rental units, great investment)

5 rm Gad duplex with garden, suitable for handicapped NIS 1,899,000

-Reuven, succa  porch, Shabat elevator, great neighbors, immaculate and
invested  REDUCED to NIS 1,550 ,000 serious vendor, make an offer!!   

-5 rm Duplex,Rashi , great view, airy & bright, very invested , serious
vendor NIS 1,550,000

4- rm, Shiftei Israel, large salon, option to add another room, well kept
building NIS 1,399,000




Sheinfeld Rental:


4 rm, shiftei Yisrael, ground level, invested, suitable for handicapped NIS
5,000 immediate

5 rm on Gad,160 sqm duplex, 2 porches, private pkg, a/c, invested NIS 5,300





Old Beit Shemesh for Sale:

7.5 rm , new on the mkt, very central and yet quiet area, invested villa ,
Jerusalem stone approx. 260 sqm on big plot, can easely split into 4 renatl
units( almost 6 % return) NIS 2,320,000 negotiable!!

4 rm house  on Ben Zvi, on large plot of land, rented out to long term
tenant NIS 1,500,000 Bargain!!

3 rm on Maapilim,  legal option to add 45 sqm NIS 850,000 ideal investment!!

3rm, on HaSHiva,ground level, very central , can also be rented as an
office, bargain!! NIS 870,000 make an offer!

3 rm on HaShiva, 2nd floor, huge salon , very well kept, airy & bright
asking NIS 880,000

2 rm on Mishlat, recently refurbished, nice and cozy, magnificent view! NIS


    GIVAT SAVION FOR SALE: (the new Anglo trend in Bet Shemesh.buy at
reasonable prices before it catches up with the rest of BS/RBS!

MAKE AN OFFER! Reduced to 2,180 0,000
- Great home in cul de sac , main house with 4 bedrooms plus 2 rental units
( 3 and 2 rm) PRICED TO SELL ! 

--New on the mkt, free stading villa, secluded in cul -de-sac , large
garden, rustic setting , priced to sell NIS 2,300,000 will not stay long in
the market!!

--New on the market 6 rm cottage on cul-de-sac with 2 rental units, large
back and front yard, covered ainten NIS 2,450,000

- -7 rooms , plus self contained rental unit of ainten 120sqm, very
luxurious indeed!, Must be seen to be fully appreciated,Asking2,700,000 

   -7 room, on cul-de-sac, large yard.Spacious salon and master bedroom.
Worth seeing!! NIS 2,099,000




GIVAT SAVYION RENTALS (Growing Anglo community with very Heimishe Shul)

-          2 rm approx. 30 sqm, airy & bright , immediate NIS 2,300

3 rm , private entrance , near shops and Shuls, on quiet cul-de-sac NIS

3 rm, a/c , bars, suitable for handicapped , inc gas and arnona NIS 2,600 


Givat Sharet for sale:

-New on the mkt, 5 spacious rms, parcial  view,invested, like new kitchen,
close to Kyriah Charedit NIS 1,550,000 

- Near Bar ilan, 8 rm duplex, split in to 2 apartments, great investment NIS


Givat Shartet for rent:

3 rm, Ben Eliezer, well kept, from 1 March, good air exposures NIS 2,650
(next to Sheinfeld )

4 rm on  David Raziel  96 sqm , airy and bright , next to Shainfeld ,
view,immediate NIS 3,700


Ramat Neriah for Sale:


3 rm, fully upgraded, brand new NIS 1,350,000 must be seen!

4 rm with garden, very well kept, must be seen!! NIS 1,690,000

MAKE AN OFFER ! 550,000 rm airy & bright, large rooms, , invested and
tastefully decorated.storeroom, handicapped accessible Priced to sell! NIS

rm , new, a/c, airy & bright, view NIS 1,600,000  5

Ramat Neria Rental:

rm , 1st floor,large salon, paved garden , from 20/3/2018  NIS 4,650



New project in Ramat Neria:


4 rm penthouse and 4 rm duplex left, ring our office before its too late!!




Migdal HaMayim for sale:


- 4 rm, on Tabor, low floor, very private, huge salon, small building, 12
sqm basement (can be rentyed for NIS 1,000 p/m) BARGAIN!!! NIS 1,120,000

- 4 rm on Rabin St, large salon, low floor, small building, porch , master
bedroom NIS 1,150,000 flex





For Sale Moshavim near Beit Shemesh:


Moshav Eshtaol:  one level  8 year old  vila 152 sqm on plot 500 sqm can
build an extra 80sqm , invested NIS 2,800,000


Moshav Luzit:260 sqm   luxurious vila on plot of 530 sqm, option to expand,

must be seen!! NIS 3,500,000


Moshav Ajur: house on 4 dunam, option to build, common land for agriculture,
NIS 2,990,000



Commercial property for sale (yearly yield from 7 to 9.5%):


-Ramat Beit Shemesh G starting from NIS 28,000 per sqm,do not miss this
excellent investment!! enquire in our office

-Shops in the new city of Charish next to freeway # 6 from NIS 19,990 per
sqm 6 mtrs  height (option to build mazonnine) -

-Shops and offices in Afula, rapidly developing city (with train connection
to Haifa and Bet Shean)Enquiry at the office

- Shops in Askelon , fastest growing coastal city in Israel, Enquiry at the

Click:  <http://www.nadlantown.com/commercial-projects.asp>
http://www.nadlantown.com/commercial-projects.asp for commercial properties 



We constantly need new homes for sale and rent in all areas of Bet Shemesh
for serious loyal buyers, please contact us!


Nadlan Town Real Estate Ltd.

Cell: 0528966807  office: 9999 456

 <http://www.nadlantown.com> www.nadlantown.com




Setting the standards in real estate...            18 years of honesty &
integrity in BS/RBS speak for itself.... !!







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